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Yunke Xiao

I am from Beijing, China. Three years ago, I followed my desire and passion in the field of design and transferred from one of China’s best business schools to SVA, started my journey as a design student in the design department. Although I am possession of knowledge and skills of both the design industry and business, I understand that the only way to create more value is to combine the two. I believe branding is such a field which could maximize my own advantages. 


During the years in SVA, I've interned in different companies including design studio LAVA Beijing and platform-based creative market Tezign. I gradually understand why some specific kind of visuals could work as part of the brand promoting strategy successfully, and I wish to figure out the systematic logic behind them. After I complete SVA’s branding program I would like to work for a design consulting company and become a brand designer with both design skills and business strategies. For the long term, I plan to start my own design studio.

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Director of Operations, Graduate Advisor


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