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Photo of Theresa Brondholt Sorensen

Theresa Brondholt Sorensen

Born in Stockholm, raised in Vienna and Copenhagen, matured in Paris and London, Theresa's story is about internationality, cultural exploration, and the desire to understand the notion of 'belonging'. In an effort to satisfy her passion for anthropology and art, Theresa pursued and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Design Management & Cultures from the University of the Arts London, where she studied the creative process and its many facets, with an emphasis on field research, project management and the strategic use of design. 


Theresa is interested in branding from a sociocultural standpoint; she is fascinated by the way in which people use brands to shape their identity through widely recognized, publicly negotiated associations linked to constructed images. During the course of her study at SVA, she hopes to achieve a better understanding of human patterns and motivations in relation to the practice of branding, and to learn how brands can be presented as authentic cultural resources which can not only influence people's behavior in a meaningful way, but also inspire positive global change.


Going to rock concerts is among Theresa's favorite hobbies; the phenomenon of the rock band is actually what sparked her interest in branding! She is also very fond of traveling, and will seize any opportunity to jump on a plane or train, whether it be to visit friends and family, explore new cultures, or to witness her music heroes performing live.

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