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Stefan Berg

Stefan P. Berg is a mixed-media artist and storyteller joining SVA’s Branding Program after 5 years as an educator in Washington, DC. He brings with him a deep understanding of the future generation and their innate connection to the increasingly digital world around us. Additionally, he recently earned a MicroMasters certificate in User Experience (UX) Research and Design from the University of Michigan on His hope is that the Branding Program will expand his understanding of brand creativity and continue a transition to the world of business strategy.


Stefan is a proud Midwesterner: born in Indiana, raised in Michigan, and educated in Oberlin, Ohio. His favorite sports teams are located in Detroit, East Lansing, and Green Bay. He also enjoys travel and has spent ample time abroad, including a semester of high school in St. Ives, Australia and college in Florence, Italy. His artistic pursuits often take the form of paper and digital collage and he recently began designing album covers in that vein. His other work includes graphic arts, puzzle games, and experimental films, each visible on his namesake website.

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