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Sophie Lubin

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sophie attended George Washington University in D.C. to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an interior designer. Since graduating with a BFA in 2012 and moving back to the Garden State, she has garnered experience in residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality design, with specific focus on the automotive and hotel industries.  Working with various brands within these industries has provided Sophie with unique insight into how an interior environment can express brand identity.  She believes each space is a living, breathing embodiment of a brand, that offers a distinct opportunity for people to experience it in a multi sensory way.

A “people-person” in every sense of the word, Sophie is fascinated by the psychological and emotional factors that motivate, excite, and intrigue consumers.  Naturally, her design background predisposes her to an interest in visual brand identity--how a brand can speak without saying a word! Her goal is to wed her passion for design with strategy, and she is excited to discover all of the possibilities that the multi-faceted world of branding has to offer.

Sophie is a true-crime junkie, cupcake connoisseur, Target fanatic, animal lover, and expert gift-giver.  Though she is a homebody at heart, her goal is to see the world, one city at a time. 

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