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Sophia Yuan

Choosing Branding as my postgraduate program is a comprehensive consideration of self-exploration. After graduation from Beijing International Studies university with a degree of international relations, standing in the crossroad of life, I explored what exactly I wanted to pursue as my lifetime career. Being interested in arts and fashion, I found that Branding, a combination of creative design, marketing operation and branding, was suitable for me, given my originality, writing skills and logical thinking. In the start of 2017, while interning in Chicago, apart from reading fashion books and magazines, I utilized my spare time to visit many art museums, such as Art Institute of Chicago and Museum of Modern Art. The spiritual satisfaction that arts brought to me plus the possibilities and freedom of modern arts woke me up and retrieved my love for arts and fashion. Since then, my decision of occupying myself in this field has been confirmed.


The internship in L’OFFICIEL CHINA is my first time to get access to the operation mode and daily work of fashion media. As the assistant of fashion director, my job duties are the works of shooting, writing and administrating. The first part is the preparation of fashion blockbusters for stars and models including making shooting plans, renting studios, setting scenes, confirming photographers and stars’ styling looks, borrowing clothes from luxury and designer brands PR and arranging fitting. Besides, I was also responsible for editing brand soft texts, classifying consulting contents and drafting the journal’s homepage. Finally, I take charge of the hotel replacement during fashion director traveling, communicate with art editor to adjust the layout and coordinate with public relations of brands. All these works make me deeply feel that fashion media is not only concerned with fashion work. It, as a market-oriented industry, requires commercial strategies about how to establish fashion trend, capture current popularity and shoot fashion beauty blockbusters. Just like the program of Branding, it perfectly integrates design with marketing. 


I appreciate the values that students are encouraged to both play the role of entrepreneurs and innovators in Branding. All these factors motivate me to take a firm step towards fashion management and pursue it as my career in the future.

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