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Maureen Martinez

Maureen has always been a daydreamer with a creative spirit and love for design, travel and food culture. When she was a child, she aspired to be an architect and drew floor plans of dream homes. At age twelve, she wanted to open a cafe known for its fun desserts, stylish furniture and lively ambiance. It was all about the details and she enjoyed putting them together to create a vision. Over time, she developed a love for tinkering, transitioned into industrial design and graduated from Parson School of Design with a BFA in Product Design.


As an industrial designer, Maureen is trained to understand ergonomics, identify consumer needs and conceptualize products to improve their experience. With sixteen years in this field, she has grown professionally, manages a design team and works alongside business leaders through product development. She has continued her passion of learning by taking design and marketing courses at FIT and UCLA and completed a Pastry Techniques program at the International Culinary Center. She then put her baking skills to the test and established a side gig where she baked and designed custom cakes and desserts.


Through SVA’s Masters in Branding program, Maureen hopes to develop a holistic view of brand strategy, business and design. Her goal is to take the practices and principles learned from the program and implement them in a professional setting and ultimately towards her dream of owning and designing food businesses. Maureen is excited to begin this journey of self-discovery which will help define a personal brand that allows her to function authentically and with purpose.


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