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Maria Manuela

Maria Manuela developed throughout life a craving for knowledge and adventures, constantly trying to evolve as a professional and a person.  Her focus, at first, was design and art. Later in life she came to discover the value of business skills and the need to understand the intersection of business and design that unites two areas that rarely converse.


With a degree in Fashion Design, she started off working as a fashion buyer for a fast fashion jewelry wholesale brand. She travelled more than ten times to Asia’s biggest trade fairs. What is more, while she was there she also had the opportunity to assist on the creation of a new retail brand, from scratch. That was the first time Maria worked with branding without even knowing it.


After a couple of years she decided to set off to a new experience to develop her design skills on the luxury retail industry. She stayed a bit over a year as a fashion designer in a well-renown brand from Brazil. She started out with little experiences and a lot of expectations from her managers and had to learn fast. After a couple of months she conquered the CEOs confidence and recognition.  


Her thirst for knowledge continued as she realized there was a gap to be explored between the design world and brands. She noticed the importance of a cohesive brand identity and the products they sold. She craved to understand more about brands, how the connection between brand and clients worked, and decided to move to NYC to begin the next chapter in her life at the Masters in Branding Program at SVA. 


The curriculum for The Masters in Branding Program allows students to create frameworks to guide brand, design and business development, critically evaluate brand, business, marketing and design strategies and Master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity. Learn more...


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