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Photo of Mai Prasertbodin

Mai Prasertbodin

Born in Bangkok. Raised in Melbourne. Pursuing dreams in New York.


Digital Marketing Manager with over five years of professional experience working with multinational



After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, Mai was a social media brand manager

for Siam Paragon, a multi-million dollar shopping mall in Thailand. Later on, she joined one of

the biggest truck tire distributors in Thailand and helped re-brand the company. Her efforts

increased the company's international clientele by 30%. After a couple of years in the logistics

field, Mai created her own e-commerce brand called Tyre and Tool. That’s when she knew, her

creative and design spirit was calling. However, this wasn't the first sign of her love for branding.

Even at a young age, she loved learning about brands. She would spend hours and hours in

supermarkets observing brands and talking about them. Working in many different fields has

helped Mai realize the importance of branding. Therefore, she decided to drop everything and

move to New York City to pursue her passion.


Three random facts about Mai:

- Appreciates uniquely designed washroom space

- Always choose soda over coffee

- Adores karaoke

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