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Ling Hsu

“Thinking is the reality.” is Ling’s philosophy.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Ling was trained as a storyteller and life observer in Shih Hsin University with a bachelor degree in film and television department.


Ling is committed to excavating the patterns and meanings of human thinking. Once we have this capability, we could read each other and build a better community.


When Ling served as a marketing specialist in educational and publishing field, she realized that empathy is a substantial power to perceive others. Comprehending the market is not just to find out who the customer is, you have to grasp the customer's life and story, you reach the market.


It’s all about connection and reflection.

Ling believes that brand is a bridge connecting people and the world.

A thriving brand could make a resonant with people, further, to make people unearth their true self.

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