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Jeeyoung Song

Modern society is constantly changing and brands must work diligently. Since the concept of ‘brand’ exists in people’s perception, not in material substance, it has a mission to keep its own color as well as adjusting to people’s changing attitudes. In other words, a brand has to show consistent image that the brand wants to represent to customers, but it must be expressed in various ways according to the social and cultural flow.


Jeeyoung is interested in the subject of construction and reconstruction of brands. The entry of new brands from non-traditional cultures entering an established market and as luxury brands on par with established luxury brands is now what she mainly focused on. Furthermore, she is going to research what kind of transformation is necessary for the brand that needs change in order to survive in a particular field even if it is not a new brand. Also, she believes brand research for the rise of new brands and the reconstruction of weak brands should begin with learning from the history of various brands.


Jeeyoung majored in Persian and English from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She worked as a digital contents manager for 2 years from a brand-new cosmetic company. As she has passion for learning about inter-cultural communication and creativity, she is thrilled to be a part of the Masters in Branding at SVA.

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