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Henrik Lezi

Henrik discovered his desire for graphic design by creating album covers for music CD's since his college days for his friends. Having studied Social Sciences in Albania and working in a high paced environment such as journalism, Henrik is driven by the desire to create solutions to social issues through design and research. 


In the last decade, he has chosen to specialize his work in the non-profit sector with clients such as United Nations, UNICEF and Council of Europe. Working on campaigns for non-profits brought all of his experience, including those in journalism and social sciences, all together. By applying editorial design principles to these organizations' print mediums, Henrik has helped in expanding their audience and elevating their communication channels.


Henrik believes that the MPS in Branding will give him the opportunity to structure all his previous skills and at the same time bring new and exciting uses back in his country. His interest in progressing brands in a new and underdeveloped business environment such as Albania is the reason he has enrolled in SVA’s Master in Branding. After finishing the program at SVA Henrik is planning to go back to Albania and serve local brands to better connect with consumers and compete internationally.

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