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Greta DeLacy

Greta graduated from Cornell University in 2017 with a B.A. in Linguistics and a particular interest in the social psychology of language. During her undergraduate studies, her primary fascination was the way that seemingly minute linguistic choices can spark emotional resonance and stir up primal feelings of social affiliation towards individuals and groups. 

She was introduced to the branding industry through internships at the strategic language consultancy Maslansky + Partners and the branding consultancy BrandCap. Most recently, Greta worked as the sole marketing strategist for the launch of Poster House, a new museum exclusively dedicated to the history and design of posters. In this role, she took on the challenge of positioning such a ubiquitous medium is worthy of deeper consideration and study. 

While her time at Poster House was excellent lesson in strategic positioning and bringing a product to market, Greta is seeking to further ground this education through the Masters in Branding at SVA. Through the program she is hoping to marry her fascination with social and behavioral psychology with rigorous strategic analysis and visual problem-solving.

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