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Gabriella Bartelle

Gabriella expanded her career towards the fashion industry since she entered college. Developing clothes collections for her degree in Fashion Design and working with text and research for Vogue Brazil - where she had her first job and learned to be meticulous and hardworking - are examples of her experience in this field. 


During the last few years, she has chosen to specialize her work in accessories design - jewelry, to be more specific - and has founded a hair accessories brand in Brazil, called Mia. Creating a brand brought her all types of knowledge, including those not related at all to design and branding. It was a big but rewarded challenge.   


Today, Gabriella believes that the MPS in Branding will bring her a whole new set of skills related to brand communication and strategies. She hopes the program will eventually broaden her career pathways, as well as bring new and bold uses for her abilities. Moreover, Gabriella's biggest drive has always been to connect with people and understand what they hope to find in brands and products. For that, studying in a unique city like New York, with all its different cultures, will definitely come in hand.


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