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David Kurushima

Born and raised in Los Angeles, David moved to Oregon where he received his undergraduate degrees in History and Art History from the University of Oregon. After working as a pastry baker and a bicycle mechanic in college, he moved to Portland, Oregon to work for the Community Cycling Center where he merged his life-long love of cycling with his personal need to be engaged in the work of social justice and sustainability. As the manager of the organization’s retail operations he was instrumental in the, then 20 year-old, organization’s rebrand and developed a keen interest in the necessity of effective branding for mission-driven organizations.


David currently works as a freelance designer and remains involved with his former employer as a board member of the Community Cycling Center. Aside from cycling, in his spare time he enjoys surfing, ultimate frisbee and running, as well as staying engaged in politics. While David is keenly focused on how better brand design can advance the work of mission-driven organizations like non-profits and government agencies, he is more broadly interested in how brands can appreciably improve the lived experience of individuals interacting within an increasingly complex and pluralizing society.


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