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Charmie Shah

With a bachelors in multimedia and over 3 years of work experience as a graphic designer, Charmie decided to move to the design capital of the world, New York City, to study Communication Design. 


She had the opportunity to work under internationally acclaimed animator and visual artist, Todd St. John, during her internship at HunterGatherer. This introduced her to the world of motion graphics, where she got to work on projects for clients like GreenNYC, VANS, NYMag, and many more. 


Working at a design studio that focuses on telling client stories in unforgettable ways, she got to see first hand the power of visual storytelling and brand-building. This provided a further nudge to her desire of pursuing a degree in brand strategy.


Growing up in the Indian cultural mosaic city of Mumbai, and traveling across the world in over 50 cities have shown her the important role, effective branding and good design play in bringing people together and that is what Charmie hopes to accomplish with her masters in branding from SVA.

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