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Bronwyn Hunt

Since receiving her degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, Bronwyn has been designing experiences that capture the hearts of brands. Originally from a small town in Texas, she eventually ventured to the west coast where she focused her efforts in the tech corridor, working with brands such as Microsoft, Venmo, and Quora. Prior to her transfer, she worked in Austin, TX designing restaurant concepts with a distinguished restaurant group in the area. 


Naturally inquisitive, she found her niche in the process of uncovering the stories behind the brands she worked with. She has a strong desire to go behind the scenes and closer align her work with the “why” that shapes a brand’s identity and informs how it’s manifested. In her opinion, this is where the magic happens. Bronwyn soon realized she not only wished to design the spatial experiences around these brands, but one day be a leader in building them.


Bronwyn is stimulated by the multi-faceted nature of branding, and views this program as an opportunity to challenge her diverse curiosities and passions. She is excited to fully engage in this process at SVA, and graduate having gained the tools to help brands connect with the people they serve.


In her spare time, Bronwyn is an avid cyclist, traveler, classic film enthusiast, podcast addict, health and wellness buff, and can usually be found tinkering with new recipes in the kitchen.

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