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Arnold Pradhan

Arnold believes that the only way for a person to reach his full potential is to be passionate about his work. The quest for his passion not only made his life more adventurous, it also improved his ability to adapt to new situations, exposed him to people who came from unique backgrounds and gave him the courage to accept new challenges.


In May 2013, Arnold got a job as a janitor in a motorcycle service shop. After finishing his duties, he often helped other departments in any way he could. Although he acknowledged the importance of every department, he became particularly fond of the marketing department because it valued the skills he had been developing since childhood. There he was able to be adaptive, relatable and take advantage of new opportunities. His interest in marketing eventually evolved into passion and he decided to pursue it as a career.


Since then, Arnold has helped startups and small businesses develop and implement marketing campaigns. Working with businesses in different markets, such as the motorcycle service shop, technology retailer and travel agency, has taught him how to rationalize in many perspectives and communicate his ideas to people in other professions. His experience, and the knowledge he gained from literature, has taught him that brands can enhance an individual’s life. By attending SVA’s Master in Branding program, he will gain the insights and skills required to craft such brands.

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