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AJ Mekky

AJ Mekky is a New York City-based creative director and UX/UI design consultant. He collaborates with startups to create brand identities and user experiences. He also helps ad agencies put together 360 ad campaigns.


Over the last seven years in New York, AJ has focused on helping brands reach new, hyper-targeted consumer demographics.  This includes helping to plan and implement the first-ever cross-cultural pharmaceutical marketing efforts in North America for NOVARTIS, as well as developing ad campaigns for big brands like DIRECTV, WESTERN UNION, LUFTHANSA, THAI AIRWAYS to reach more consumers through online and offline communication channels.


Graduating as an Architect in the late 90s, he spent the first years of his professional life building homes and designing the human experience before moving to advertising where he took part in producing successful campaigns to promote cashless payments for VISA in North Africa, introduce life insurance to Middle Eastern markets with ALLIANZ, and help PFIZER launch VIAGRA in Egypt. 


Aside from staring at screens and switching glasses all the time, you might see AJ stranded with his wife, Sarah, at some airport in the West Indies, driving around New York State while snapping away on his 7D, or making noise at a karaoke joint in K-town. Stand clear!


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