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Lynette Pope

Lynette is a natural-born creative force. Her knack for utilizing her artistic flair to enhance anything she puts her hands to is well documented amongst her peers. She’s an award-winning packaging designer and Senior Art Director for Porchlight Design Agency in Atlanta, GA, and has designed and collaborated with household brands such as The Home Depot, Genie Garage Door Company and Yamaha Motors. She stokes her creative artistic fire by remaining active in local clubs such as Creative Mornings and AIGA. As a veteran HOW Champion, Lynette actively participates in the annual HOW Design Live Conference, where she acts as a liaison and steward for the conference and its members. Recently, Lynette was named as one of the “Top People to Watch for 2017,” by GDUSA. 


Since entering the design community in 2006, Lynette has become a seasoned artist who’s not afraid to tackle even the most difficult of creative challenges. She’s adept at building a brand and its corresponding package(s) from the ground up.  She eager to learn more about branding strategies to help her build a firmer foundation in designing. She is excited to be a part of the MPS in branding at SVA family and she also enjoys music, the arts and baking during her free time.


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