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Kristina Ermolenko

If you ask a child «What do you want to do when you grow up?», you can find various answers, sometimes even unreal, but I was a baby girl who knew exactly that I wanted to create the future as a designer. First a ballerina but then a designer.


Born and brought up in the south of Russia in lovely Krasnodar, since childhood I had a huge thirst for traveling, have visited more than 30 countries and travelled through huge Russia as well. It was not only touristic routs, but professional internships and volunteer work. Traveling helped me to expand the horizons, to learn new cultures and to integrate my knowledge and experience into my work as a designer.


I took my background as a graphic designer at Kuban State University with honors. At the same year as graduation we established our family business - educational center «Advance». At first my job was to develop the brand identity, launch communication and the facility interior design. Then it was time for brand promotion and I realized that I want to continue education in Branding.


Apart from the family business, I was engaged in a number of exciting professional projects - redesigned the interior of a city clinic, created a coffee shop design and brand identity, attended on-line internship in London branding agency, made some photo shoots and paintings, redesigned and presented new marketing strategy for a local consulting company. The last one was the organization of the first TEDx conference in my native city Krasnodar.


At the same time I kept up with my hobbies: doing different types of sports and travel. I believe that having experience in different fields has already helped me and will help in future to develop and succeed as a professional, and I am enthusiastic about all the amazing opportunities that could open up to me at the School of Visual Arts.

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