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Cheryl Johnson

Originally from Northern Virginia and born to Sierra Leonean parents, Cheryl has always been passionate about communications and design. Her inquisitive mindset has provided her experiences in several industries including hospitality, financial services, and fashion. Having worked in these varying fields, her ultimate goal is to understand and improve the connection between people and brands.


Cheryl graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, while holding leadership positions in a number of student organizations. She has lived in Brooklyn since 2013, working with small businesses to raise awareness about their organizations as a public relations and social media specialist. She utilizes her creativity, organizational skills, and eye for detail to establish brands on social media and in the press.


Cheryl finds inspiration in her everyday life, driving her to continuously discover ways to connect with people. She looks forward to engaging with others during the Masters in Branding program at SVA, while strengthening her leadership and influence in the field. Upon completion of the program, Cheryl plans to combine her experience and conceptual skills with business strategy to help brands reach more diverse audiences.

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