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Carlos Fuentes

My name is Carlos Fuentes, I consider myself a passionate 40-year-old entrepreneur and innovator, I have been married to Bernardita Cossio for 12 years and we have three beautiful children named Juanita, Pedro and Luisa. Over my twenty years of career, I have created more than 10 companies in different areas, ranging from bars, libraries, innovation agencies, to documentary films. These projects have a point in common: the value of the brand and the strategy behind the content. Among the most successful companies I have created are a hair salon chain with 26 salons called Glam&Co (, with presence in Chile and Colombia; and  a branding agency called PANDA (, which has provided services to multinational companies such as New Balance, Sony, and Edgewell. In addition, other enterprise we are very happy about is RONDA (, a nonprofit foundation that helps people with disabilities become part of the labor market.


I believe that the experience I gathered in Chile will be of great value for my classmates and the program in general.

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