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Shivani Gorle

Shivani was introduced to the world of branding when she studied and received her bachelor’s degree in mass media, with a concentration in advertising. She was born and raised in India. Always one to revel in changing trends and cultural diversity, she wishes to be a communications professional with a global perspective.     

She worked on student short films, design projects, fashion show costumes and as a freelance illustrator during her time in college. With a passion for creative story-telling, She's interested in not only selling a product but also creating a reverberant dialogue with the customers who buy it. She hopes this year at SVA equips her to take on briefs and deliver pitches with tact. She's also excited to discover how companies use ‘cultural capital’ to influence our choices in brands.   

In her free time, she watches TV shows and takes travel photos. She read blogs, the backs of shampoo bottles and the comment section on literally anything. Shivani loves to make illustrations of people, her latest series being Queens OnScreen, which celebrates powerful female characters in popular films. While she's away in New York, she'll miss Alphonso mangoes the most.

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