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Petter Syberg

Petter lived in Oslo where he earned a bachelor's degree in copywriting from the one of the top-ranked creative schools in the world, Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology.    

After graduating he worked on some of the most popular and award-winning television shows in Norway. Later he worked in a small company with four close friends where they did projects for clients within sectors such as retail and oil as well as music videos, television and film. In 2014 he wrote and shot a mockumentary over the course of a summer with the same friends mentioned above. The movie aired in cinemas all across Norway in the beginning of 2015.   

He has a wide range of interests including film/ television, brand/ product –and business-development, stoke-trading and all things related to sports. His dream is to run my own production company, but also to develop companies and be successful in other industries.   


In his spare time, he can be found hitting golf balls in a field somewhere around Oslo or at home binge-watching Scandinavian crime-series and online golf-instructors on YouTube.     

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