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Julia Makhalova

Julia grew up in the post-USSR world of no settled meanings, a witness to the collapse of the country’s self-identity. She was fascinated by how advertising brought in big ideas that filled this ideological vacuum. More importantly, it started shaping society’s values and how people relate to themselves, to the world. Thrilled by how a brand can define how people experience and see the world, she now asks: what the meaning is, and who gets to decide?    


Julia helps people and businesses to tell their stories so that the relevance of their perspectives connect with individuals and markets alike. For the past eight years of her professional career, Julia has worked as a brand strategist in Asia and Europe, including the largest independent branding agency in Beijing, China. She worked as a strategist for projects big and small, from global brands like Sinopec and Samsung, to her friends’ personal, creative projects.    


There is a good chance that–being an art junkie–Julia is, at this very moment, somewhere in the Guggenheim or MoMA, drawing inspiration from the transience of others’ stories. That, or eating a melon ice cream.   

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