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Grace Park

Grace is an account executive and aspiring strategist and brand planner. Born in Philadelphia, she was raised in three different countries: South Korea , Hong Kong, and the United States. Growing up in different countries has developed her appreciation towards culture. To study what she loves, she chose to attend NYU with a degree in Nutrition and Food Studies with a minor in Media, Culture and Communications.   


A college internship at an advertising agency stirred up her passion in advertising and storytelling. She was intrigued how  advertisements were created after months of research and planning. Passionate to be part of the advertising industry, she started her career as an account executive after college. Since then, she has worked for global advertising agencies in South Korea including Ogilvy and FCB working on diverse clients including Kimberly-Clark, Mondelez, Bausch+Lomb, and more.   


To Grace, a brand is just like a person, like someone we have a relationship with. It might take different action according to the times, but just like a person, a brand, if the times require, will grow and evolve beyond itself.    


On the side, Grace draws, paints and creates illustrations. Some of my works can be found on her website:  

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