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Fredrik Henttonen

Fredrik grew up in a small Swedish town where pine and spruce covered islands dot the coast, where Bruce Springsteen is the lord of sound, and where the local library kept wrinkled copies of early 90s Thrasher Magzine. This might not be entirely, or solely what the town was about, but it’s what he remembers, and appreciates the most. ‘We were given this sense that we grew up in the most amazing place, but that there was also this big world out there that was probably equally amazing... just different.’   

A connection with nature, art and music and a desire to put the dots together lead Fredrik around the world and he eventually started his academic path with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Southern Cross University in Australia and has also studied design at Shillington School of Graphic Design. Fredrik has spent the majority of his career working with lifestyle brands, predominately in the outdoor and board sports industry, and most recently as the Brand & Design Communication Manager at McTavish Surf International.   

Having grown up with nature as a major cornerstone, he has a big interest, and feel a responsibility, in the preservation and conservation thereof. He believes in a life where your passions and your work are not mutually exclusive but rather join forces to push beyond the status quo.  ‘That‘s where the magic happens, and for me the key to a balanced and happy life,' he says.    Fredrik enjoys working with topics and questions that are close to our core and thrive on stuff that gets people fired up.    

In the future, he would like to continue connecting the dots between Creative Direction, Brand Communication and Social & Environmental Responsibility. Fredrik Henttonen thrives in an ambitious community aspiring to making things a little better than they were, while building sustainable relationships that benefits all parts.   

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