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Shaz Bhola

All her life, Shaz has been a particular brand of woman. First, an Usman woman (doing her best to exhibit the strength, creativity, and kindess of her mother’s family), and then a Barnard woman (again, doing her best to exhibit the “strong, beautiful, Barnard” motto that she pokes fun at, but ultimately appreciates). Now, she wants to be the woman who uses branding to share important stories and shape consciousness for social good.    


At Barnard College, a BA in Sociology laid the academic groundwork that fuels her current passions. She still debates what it means to appropriate culture as often as she questions what it means to be authentic, and she's as fascinated with sociomusicology as she is passionate about social good.   


In her work at Ubuntu Education Fund, a non-profit that provides world-class health and education services to orphaned, vulnerable children in South Africa's townships, she works to creatively, emotively, and succinctly craft a brand based on the inherent complexities of extreme poverty. To create a simple, compelling truth out of a multi-faceted mission is rather tricky, but she’s determined to do social good better with the knowledge she’ll gain at SVA. 

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