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Samantha Joy Ariola

Samantha Joy Ariola is a Filipino-American creative based in New York City. Samantha considers business branding to be a harmonious fusion of verbal and visual communications that a company puts forth to represent its personality to its consumers. Just as every person conveys a personality to the world, every company must pinpoint its own brand persona and strategically communicate it to a target audience. This branding philosophy mirrors Samantha’s own process of self-actualization. Her passion for aesthetics, design and psychology have converged in the field of branding – although it took time for her to discover this niche.   


Samantha graduated from NYU with a degree in History specializing in Race, Gender, and Sexuality studies and subsequently worked in corporate immigration for five years. Throughout this period, as is common for many individuals of the Asian bridge-generation in the United States, Samantha grappled with striking a balance between her desire for a creative career and her loyalty to achieving her family’s more “practical” definition of the American dream. After much soul searching, Samantha rebranded herself in pursuit of personal authenticity, taking courses in graphic design and mobile application development, as well as watching every online design course she could find. Earning a Master’s degree in Branding at SVA proved to be the inevitable next step toward transitioning into her career in Brand Design and Creative Direction.    


Every twist and turn that has defined Samantha’s path, no matter how seemingly tangential, will serve her well in the branding industry. Working with corporate immigration clientele, Samantha understands the dynamic structure and operations of the modern day multinational corporation. Certainly, her pragmatically grounded immigrant upbringing has fostered a characteristic duality to her branding approach; as her creative ideas naturally flow, they are refined by an inherently practical worldview.    


In her free time, Samantha is inspired and recharged by fine dining, painting, hiking, traveling, and surpassing Queen with her emotional karaoke rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

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