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Natalia Bednarek

Natalia enjoys developing solutions to problems and creating strategies. She trusts her intuition, but always backs it up with prior research and analysis. Having graduated in Business Management (in English) at the University of Lodz in Poland, she's narrowed the focus of her career to branding. Acquired knowledge and experience have given her the ability to look at problems from a business perspective. By participating in student projects and being a part of student organizations, she developed a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. Because she's been involved in a variety of subject areas from an early age, especially the arts, Natalia has developed sensitivity, creativity, visionary imagination, and attention to detail.     


Two reasons why she wants to be involved in design. First, design is everywhere, lacks boundaries and shapes the environment, which lets her contribute without limiting herself. Second, Natalia cherishes the process of creation especially its playful and productive aspects. The work experience gained in administration, management and marketing has led her in the right direction. Besides, Natalia is going to follow her family’s tradition of designing.    


As an aspiring brand consultant or design manager, Natalia's plan is to never feel as if she were at work, yet to always have fun, surrounded by inventive souls. She lives every single moment to the fullest, appreciating every success that leads to the next and is a passionate singer and songwriter: when she comes into the studio Natalia forgets about the whole world.     

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