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Emeka Patrick

Emeka Patrick is a quick-witted, design loving, non-traditional self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and love of adjectives and adverbs. He’s constantly in search of fascinating people to meet, amazing projects to work on, and anything else that might light up both hemispheres of his brain.   


Born and raised in Manhattan, Emeka received his undergraduate degree in German from the University of Michigan. Starting out shooting consumer intercept videos for a small shop, he went on to do full-time and freelance at a number of agencies, working in various strategic or creative / strategic capacities across a wide variety of brands such as HSBC, Nike, Vitamin Water, LUGZ, Perry Ellis, Chevrolet, and Royal Caribbean just to name a few.   


After taking a hiatus from the ad world in early 2009, Emeka went on to found a fashion oriented startup, GoodToGoOut, lead the interior design and construction for a private property in Harlem, and partner with a small team of other ad professionals to offer branding, design, strategy, and general creative services to small businesses and startups.   


Those experiences led Emeka to a deeper interest in branding, and combined with an appreciation for how advertising was evolving he was led back to strategy, and to the MPS in Branding program. He is beyond excited to return to the academic world, is looking forward to meeting and being inspired by like and different minds at SVA, and can’t wait to put it all into practice.   


In his spare time you can find him enjoying bourbon, reading, running, eating spicy food, watching horror films, playing with his Shiba Inu, Hiro, or generally taking in all the wondrous, multi-faceted glory that is New York City.

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