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Corin Camenisch

Corin was born and raised in Switzerland, a country which in itself carries a very distinct brand. Whether you’ve just imagined snowy mountains, shiny watches or sweet chocolate, the fact that reading a brand’s name can spark your imagination is precisely (as in Swiss precise) what fascinates Corin about branding.    


After receiving her BSc degree in Marketing and having worked for IKEA, she spent several years at MIGROS, the country’s biggest retailer and strongest brand. Corin co-lead some of the company’s largest and most successful campaigns before managing a portfolio of consumer brands. It was there where she discovered her obsession with brands and often found herself in lively discussions with creative minds from various agencies, debating about how a message, font, face or color best tells a brand’s story. Her branding projects have been selected for and won a number of awards in different categories.   


Corin loves to travel to foreign cities, hunting for the best food, coziest cafes and weirdest neighborhoods. She sometimes catches herself buying adorable cookie boxes and just never opening them. Ever. She can also get enthusiastic about moustache straw clips and bow ties for dogs as well as basically everything connected to Christmas. 

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