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Zhuoyun Alice Li

By refining her core value, which is to bring an intellectual depth to problem-solving, Zhuoyun Li has grown into a whole-hearted strategist, artist and designer. She believes that each individual is a unique ‘brand’ – an undiscovered treasure. Her dream is to help people discover their core value, building identity and finding their place in society.    Zhuoyun Li graduated with a BFA degree in Branding Design from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. After an intensive year as exploring photography as art, within the MFA photography program at Rochester Institute of Technology, she is thrilled about pursuing a Master’s of Branding degree at the School of Visual Arts, NYC. This focus, a fusion of branding and art, inspires her to solve problems for different realms.    


As a consummate reader who loves bookbinding, calligraphy, ikebana and poetry, Zhuoyun Li is deeply influenced by Eastern philosophy. In ancient eastern gardens, the placement of a single stone has significance. This is the same in branding. “Pay attention to the individual characteristics of the stones or follow the character of the stone when making design decisions,” wrote Tachibana Toshitsuna.

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