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Purva Sawant

Purva a keen and a determined learner, enjoyed being the creative and arty member of her family.

At the age of 13 she decided to convert her passion into a more serious career option. As directed by her guru, 2 years later she joined India's top, most design institution. At the National Institute of design she was living her dream and choose to study Graphic Design. After exploring various subjects it was 'Branding' that caught her attention. Branding was just a 3 weeks course but it had struck the right chord with Purva. Her love for studying branding never faded away. 

Right after her under-graduate school she got an opportunity to work with an advertising firm where she worked on many branding related projects. Her work profile demanded duties of a graphic designer as well as business developer! It was a challenge before her to try something like never before. As a result, there was not much success as a business developer but, faired really well as a graphic designer.

She learnt that to be a good designer it is important to find the right balance between being a decision maker and a creative person. She is here at the School of visual arts to be a 'Design Thinker'. It is this course that will help her meet her goal to study branding as well as build the bridge between design and strategy. 

Excited with her back to school year, she awaits for the new experience and a great learning opportunity with a global exposure.

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