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Jui Khopkar

A dreamy idealist with an ambition to make a better world, I consider design as a strong tool in doing so. My deep interest in Graphic Design began while doing my under-graduation from the National Institute of Design, India. Since then I have tried to gain expertise in visual communication by applying myself in the professional world.    


Eager to explore and take new challenges, I have had the opportunity to work as a communication designer at Ideaspice Design and Kyoorius, a Design Conference & Magazine in India; as a freelance designer with VH1 & Comedy Central, India and also as an in-house designer in a start-up company.   


With a love for publication design and information design, I realized my passion for Branding after working on a number of branding projects. I believe the way every song brings out a specific emotion in a person and creates an impact on him, a brand has the power to do the same — the power to influence people and their personality by establishing its own.   


Thrilled to join school again, at the School of Visual Arts, I am driven by the desire to gain in-depth knowledge of the global markets & businesses and the socio-cultural impact of Branding on them.   

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