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Karen Morvan

Class 2013

I’m Karen Morvan, from DeRidder, Louisiana. Some call me Kern, although I’m not always sure whether it’s a graphic design joke, or the thick southern accent.

I received my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May 2011, and have worked in the casino entertainment industry as a graphic designer for a little over a year. I’m thrilled to be a part of the MPS Branding program at SVA, and look forward to venturing into the big city. I plan to learn a lot, laugh a lot and work toward a successful, rewarding career.


Karen’s Success Story:

Before starting the program, Karen was a Regional Graphic Design. She is now a Marketing Guru at her current job.


How has the program affected your career path?

The program has affected my career path in many ways. The most significant being that I have had enough confidence to apply to many different types of positions with the sole purpose of getting my foot in the door to the right types of companies that don't want me to fill the shoes of a cookie-cutter position, but instead build a position around the unique set of skills I've been able to obtain and nurture over the course of the last few years. I have had a lot of reception to this pitch, surprisingly, seeing that this sometimes means me telling them that I don't quite want to do the job they posted, but instead do the best job I can for them, which in turn ended with me having several enticing, very different job offers to choose from post-graduation.


What types of jobs do you feel qualified for after graduating?

I feel qualified to do various degrees of advertising and marketing positions including but not limited to: design, copywriting, account services, strategy, concept development, etc. For me it has been more about finding jobs that I am genuinely interested in, whether it be the company itself or the job description. It was important for me to find "the" job, not just "a" job, at a place where I truly felt as though I could make a difference and convince them that I was worthy of a shot whether or not I was "technically qualified."


What other career success have you had since graduating?

I've kept in touch with several agency contacts I have made over the last few years who have openly asked if I would be interested in freelance consulting work, which has been fun to be a part of. 


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