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Photo of Daniyil Onufrishyn

Daniyil Onufrishyn

Class 2013

Coming from a multicultural, as well as communication design background, strong communication skills and insight are key principles of my work. 


My approach to analyzing design & brand problems is concept-centric and bears an emphasis on the experience aspect of every project.


I thrive on utilizing strategic thinking in developing brand and design solutions.


Areas of Expertise: Visual Branding, Brand Strategy Consulting, Creative Direction












Daniyil's Success Story


How has the program affected your career path?

Prior to the program I had limited experience designing, as well as a lack of understanding of the brand value behind the projects that I was producing. After learning all of the modes of thinking that the program facilitates, I felt and was qualified to take on more in-depth projects and had a wider understanding of how I as a designer can contribute. During the program I worked in quite a diverse set of groups on a wide range of projects, it has taught me how to think on my feet and put in the hours necessary in order to drive the project to success. Now I work with a range of clients on projects that I could not have gotten if it wasn’t for the set of experiences from throughout the program.


What types of jobs do you feel qualified for after graduating?

Currently I am working as a graphic designer at ESPN, and consult, as well as design on a freelance basis. Having that I went from undergrad straight into grad, the program has jump-started my career path. I accepted the position of a graphic designer with ESPN, but have been also approached by studios and agencies for positions such as: associate art director, as well as junior art director.


What other career success have you had since graduating?

I had the pleasure of working with clients ranging across industries, as well as continents. In a sense, it reminds me of the program itself, since all of the students come from different countries, as well as industries.



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