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Kevin Breedlove

Class 2012

Kevin Breedlove was born to be creative. If nothing else, he's left handed and right brained. From there, it only gets better.


He came into the world via San Diego. But it wasn't long before he was spending the majority of his boyhood in rural Virginia and Central Oregon. With plenty of time on his hands, Kevin took after his parents and lived the life of a young artist. His eye first opened up to design while building guitars for his father's business. He was inspired not only by his father’s hard work and dedication, but also to the fine craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. And those values stuck. 


Finally, Kevin moved back to San Diego and earned a degree in Marketing from San Diego State University. Not knowing he'd combine business and creativity, he picked up a job at a local branding and design firm fresh out of college. They put a computer in front of him, he started fiddlingwith the design programs, and the rest is history. He became absolutely obsessed with graphic design. In addition to a full-time job, his nights and weekends were spent building a freelance design business. It quickly evolved — and Kevin decided to follow his dream and launch an agency of his own.


Kevin is currently Principal and Creative Director at Breedlove, a creative firm focused on serving lifestyle brands. Breedlove fulfills Kevin's desire to solve real-world business problems with clever art and strategic thinking. He's committed to helping businesses promote the tools that bolster passionate lifestyles — the products and services he believes result from those that follow their hearts and do what they love, which in turn are vital to creating true authenticity in our world. He works with such companies as Converse, Breedlove Guitars, Qualcomm, Camp of Champions, and Vitamin Angels.


Kevin recently completed the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts and now splits his time between San Diego and New York. When not “working,” he's usually on one of many bikes, snowboarding high in the mountains, or trying to perfect his downward dog at the local yoga studio.

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