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Photo of Galia Altschuler

Galia Altschuler

Class 2012

Galia has spent the last ten years living in Manhattan, but still considers Mexico City her hometown.


Throughout these years, while working in different positions for companies such as Calvin Klein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Conde Nast and Ralph Lauren, she was able to fully understand what it takes to create and maintain a brand.  


With exposure to the entire process, from market research to concept creation, from design to production, from a marketing push and advertising spread to retail placement and customer interaction, she understood the complete lifecycle which ultimately fulfills the brand essence.  She has learned what it takes to conceive and bring into being a unique and genuine brand equity structure for absolute success.  


This experience together with the tools obtained from the Masters in Branding have trained Galia with the creative and strategic skills required for any brand strategy role.  Whether by creating new ones or by guiding the existing, her goal is to make a difference and give a voice through great storytelling and superb execution.  


Galia looks for inspiration everywhere: from art, music, dance and architecture to cultural anthropology; from the quiet beauty in nature’s surroundings to the hectic streets of New York City.  Traveling the world and learning from people all over is insatiable in the most positive way.  As she would best described it: she is never bored and always curious to learn more.

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