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Photo of Bou  Chung

Bou Chung

Class 2012

Bou Chung is a 2012 graduate of the Master of Professional Studies in branding at the School of Visual Arts. Growing up, Bou lived all over the world, stretching from New Delhi to New York. While traveling, he questioned whether brands create the perception of a country or if the country’s image leverages the brand. Every brand has a unique story about its place of origin. Since then, he became fascinated with the world of branding because there is never a shortage of stories to tell.


Before graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, which was ranked as one of the top advertising programs in the nation, Bou earned a series of ad awards including the Student Gold Award from the American Advertising Federation and a Silver Pencil from the NY One Show Awards. He also had the opportunity of experiencing and interning for various types of organizations including non-profit, political, small sized marketing firms, to large scale advertising agencies in different countries.


Shortly after graduating from the masters program at SVA, sharing ideas and being inspired by unforgettable groups of innovators and thinkers in the United States, Bou is now back in his home city of Seoul, where he is now ready to start his own story (Gangnam style!).

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