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Photo of Anna Buchbauer

Anna Buchbauer

Class 2012

Anna is an Invention Ambassador for, working hard everyday to make invention accessible. She found her passion for invention while completing a Master’s of Branding at the School of Visual Arts. She began “Annavations”, a blog featuring improbable creative solutions to improve daily life. Her “Soda Refizzer” was the winner of the New York Times Innovation Whiteboard Contest. 


Prior to this, Anna worked as an Innovation Strategist for Anomaly in New York City, and as a Junior Brandologist for Fishtank Brand Advertising in San Diego. 




Anna’s Success Story:

Before starting the program, Anna was a Junior Brandologist. She is now the Voice of Community at her current job with Quirky


How has the program affected your career path?

Prior to school, I had a very loose understanding of what it is I wanted to do and where I should do it. I floundered around for a few years prior trying different roles out in advertising, marketing, and branding. This program forced me to push and challenge myself in every way possible. Over the course of a year, I learned a tremendous amount about myself. I left with a newfound passion for innovation, self-confidence, and the skills necessary to take on the professional world.     For me, the climax of all this discovery was the “100 Day Project”, a creative exercise repeated everyday for 100 days. I created a blog featuring my own brand of inventions, entitled Annavations. It was through this project that my path serendipitously crossed with Quirky, a startup company built on the mission to “make invention accessible” to everyday people with great ideas. I immediately knew this was where I had to work. Without having been through this program, there is no way I would have found this company or gotten the job. 


What types of jobs do you feel qualified for after graduating?

To be honest, I felt qualified to get any job that I really, really wanted (within reason of course!). Knowing yourself and being equipped with the creative and strategic skills required in any Branding role is a strong combination for success.


What other career success have you had since graduating?

Getting a great job in my field of interest at a company I love has been pretty spectacular! My role is very unique to Quirky, and I am helping to create a job that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Leading this charge is challenging, but also very exciting, especially as the company grows. 


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