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Rebecca Etter

Class 2011

Rebecca Etter is currently an account manager at Raison Pure, a luxury branding and package design agency. Prior to Raison Pure, Rebecca held positions at Interbrand and Landor Associates working on corporate branding with clients like Thomson Reuters, Pitney Bowes and Deloitte.  Prior to branding, Rebecca worked at Conde Nast Publications, where she spent three years at Cookie magazine, a publication for "stylish families." While there, Rebecca's roles spanned the whole gamut of the Editorial team from those of assistant photo and travel editors, to the technology market editor. 


Rebecca was part of the first inaugural class at SVA and continues to stay involved through being a teaching assistant and mentor in the program. She graduated undergrad from the University of Arizona in 2006 with degrees in Communication and Spanish. 


Rebecca’s Success Story:

Before starting the program, Rebecca a Corporate Marketing Associate at Landor. Since graduating she is now an Account Manager at Raison Pure International.


How has the program affected your career path?

The program has immensely affected my career path. It has allowed me to be a bigger part of conversations and keep current in the branding discussion, continuing to evolve my idea of brands.


What types of jobs do you feel qualified for after graduating?

I think depending on your background and story, you're qualified for any number of jobs, from the design side to client services, cross agency work, really anything that you're interested in. The program gives you the skills to approach a number of career paths.


What other career success have you had since graduating?

I've been able to work with client innovation teams to bring new-to-world brands to life. I've also been a teaching assistant each year since graduating, which has helped me see the growth of the program and the students.


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