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Margaux Genin

Class 2011

Currently working as the Online Marketing & Social Media Manager at YOTEL hotel in New York (, Margaux is responsible for the brand's communication across all online channels. Using her knowledge on Brand Strategy recently earned in the Masters in Branding, she is helping to further introduce and differentiate the YOTEL brand in the US market. She previously was working as an account executive at Syndicate Media Group, where she was leading social media initiatives for A-list clients such as Veuve Clicquot, Rémy Martin, Russian Standard Vodka as well as  Architectural Digest, Viceroy Hotel Group, Morgans Hotel Group and The Standard Hotel. You can find out more about her


Margaux’s Success Story:

Before starting the program, Margaux was an Account Executive. Since graduating she is now a Digital Marketing Manager


How has the program affected your career path?

The program has helped me solidify my marketing practice by focusing on the core assets & values of each brands I've worked with. It helped me ask the right questions.  I have challenged every brand I have worked with ever since.


What types of jobs do you feel qualified for after graduating?

Any role in marketing. I feel that the program thought me what marketers get to understand after years of experiences... suddenly I was able to have deep conversations with senior marketing and brand managers about their brand and offer appropriate & valuable insights.


What other career success have you had since graduating?

I opened the digital marketing department at YOTEL New York.    


I led the brand to social media and digital best practices by focusing on their brand personality (playful, spirited) and core asset (design). I believe the masters in branding has helped me think beyond the 'usual' / popular practices, and develop tailored digital strategies for the brand.     


My work as included a unique partnership with 'Surprise Industry' to offer guests surprise experiences in NYC, successful redesigned email campaigns that have led to increase in bookings & profits, a new 'social wall' and content blog including a year of content strategy and promotions (Yotelloween, Happy Campaign, Only in New York etc.) and a new brand introduction presentation for all new employees.     

The curriculum for The Masters in Branding Program allows students to create frameworks to guide brand, design and business development, critically evaluate brand, business, marketing and design strategies and Master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity. Learn more...


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