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Daniel Lin

Class 2011

A critical thinker and problem solver. Daniel Shi Jaan Lin is a professional brand consultant with expertise in consumer research, trend analysis, communication planning, and brand strategy. In 2010, he left Taiwan, where he had lived and worked for years to move to New York to study in the MPS Branding Program. He currently works as Strategist at Interbrand Shanghai.


Based on his experience in both corporate and agency sides of the business, Daniel believes the essence of branding is about creating meaning. The purpose of branding is to strategically create, enhance, and manage the tangible and intangible values, leveraging competitiveness in the marketplace. The intertwining of analytical and intuitive thinking is his way to achieving this goal. 


Daniel has worked for years to help Asian companies develop brand strategy, define a brand voice, and streamline their transition from OEM/ODM to owned brands. His consulting experience coveres a wide range of industries including: IT equipment, automotive, business school, consumer electronics, hotel, and sporting goods. In addition, Daniel is a professional writer. He had worked as journalist and contributor for leading magazines in Taiwan, such as Business Next, Shopping Design, and Management. He is also one of the contributing writers of Brand Bible

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