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We are now at a tipping point in the way brands are being created. Branding has finally become democratized, and the results are not about the commercial. In that spirit, the SVA Masters in Branding program has chosen the First Annual Brand of the Year: the Pink Pussyhat.
Even my most conservative acquaintances are familiar with the recent failures of social media. From the open acknowledgement that Russia ran disinformation campaigns during last year’s election cycle (even infiltrating Pokémon Go) to Twitter facing censure for suspending the account of one of Harvey Weinstein’s more vocal victims, the media platforms we use daily seem to be failing us.
Without a doubt, purpose is not just “the new black”; purpose has become like Wi-Fi access in a café: a basic expectation. If a brand doesn’t contribute to the cultural conversation, or at the very least try to pretend it cares about doing good in the world, its leadership position is in question.

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Debbie Millman
Chair, Co-founder


Emily Weiland

Director of Operations, Graduate Advisor


Steven Heller
Co-founder, Faculty Advisor