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Erica Eden


Erica bridges design and strategy, specializing in uncovering deep desires and delivering on real needs for the elusive and influential female consumer. Erica’s curiosity is about what to make, why it matters and how to connect to the women’s market. Through her work in diverse fields including housewares, health & wellness, consumer packaged goods, she sees each design challenge through the eyes of the consumer and pioneers new methodologies that close the gap between design trends and real women. Through her work with Femme Den, she redraws the boundaries of design expertise, expanding the need to understand people to include subtleties of gender and beyond.


Erica’s work has been featured by The New York Times, World News Tonight on ABC, and various design publications including I.D. Magazine, Elle Décor and Blueprint. The Femme Den is recognized as a “Master of Design” in Fast Company’s annual design issue. She works to stimulate positive change in design and business communities by speaking out on and design events including the Consumer Electronics Show, AIGA Design Conference, IDSA, Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center, Design Research Conference at IIT, and Femme Den’s own Broad Thinking Conference. 

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