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David Weisman


A lifelong designer, David is currently a brand consultant, customer experience analyst for S&P Capital IQ innovation lab, and the founder of Brandscience, a creative micro think tank. Besides having a creative background, David also has an MBA in International Business and Economics. Additionally, David is an artist in residence at the Nantucket Island School of Design, an editorial illustrator, and a volunteer for The Full Belly Project.

David’s passions include playing blues and free form jazz, playing his guitar through an over-driven Fender tube amp, and singing (badly); he also plays saxophone, keyboard, and drums. In addition, David a mountain biker, a potter, designs passive solar green habitats, and likes with anything that has wheels and motors or makes a lot of noise.

Education:  BFA in Design, Pratt Institute; MBA, Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business.

Career Highlights Include:  Creative director at Interbrand, game animator at SEGA, and product designer at Nils Tvensberg Design A/S, Oslo Norway.

Affiliations Include:  American Institute Of Graphic Arts; NYNMA - New York New Media Association; MeRG - Manhattan Robotics Group.

Awards Include:  Art Directors Club, The Boston Globe; Print’s Regional Design Annual; Macromedia People’s Choice Awards; Publisher’s Infographics.  


BrandScience, a micro think tank


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