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Tuition for the The Masters in Branding Program is estimated at $19,300 for the fall semester, $18,555 for the Spring semester and $7,440 for the summer semester.



There is a department fee of $325 per semester.



Once an offer of admission has been extended, applicants must submit a $1,000 nonrefundable enrollment fee to the Office of Graduate Admissions in order to secure a space the program. Enrollment fees will be processed only as space remains available in each department. $500 of this fee will be applied to the first semester tuition.



Students are automatically enrolled in the SVA-sponsored accident and sickness insurance and billed the Health Insurance Fee of $810 per semester (waivable). Students who want to remove this charge must have sufficient insurance coverage and waive the fee online before the applicable deadline. Please click here for more information about the insurance, deadlines and waiving the fee.



SVA housing costs in one of the college's residences range from $9,750 to $14,650 for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Should an offer of admission be extended, a nonrefundable $1,000 enrollment fee and an $800 housing deposit ($300 nonrefundable placement fee and a $500 security deposit) must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

New students will be placed in housing on a first-come, first-served basis. The housing deposit will be returned only if a student cannot be placed in housing.


Please click here for more information about payment, tuition plans or refunds.


The curriculum for The Masters in Branding Program allows students to create frameworks to guide brand, design and business development, critically evaluate brand, business, marketing and design strategies and Master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity. Learn more...


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Debbie Millman
Chair, Co-founder


Mark Dudlik

Director of Operations,

Graduate Advisor


J'aime Cohen
Program Coordinator


Emily Weiland

Studio Manager


Steven Heller
Co-founder, Faculty Advisor