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Summer Workshops

Prior to the final thesis course, students will participate in a series of workshops that address various aspects of practice and theory, and will explore areas such as the adaptation of cultural values to the brand, the maintenance of brand integrity, global design strategies and brand relevance to target markets. Where applicable, case studies will supplement workshop topics.




Thesis Class: Creating Brands, Identity and Experiences
The summer semester will focus on the branding and positioning of a real world, in-market brand. We will investigate the challenges of bringing elegant, innovative and efficient solutions to a market targeted to strong customer needs and desires. The course is structured around the process of: opportunity identification, idea generation, design, testing and launch opportunities. 

The curriculum for The Masters in Branding Program allows students to create frameworks to guide brand, design and business development, critically evaluate brand, business, marketing and design strategies and Master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity. Learn more...


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Debbie Millman
Chair, Co-founder


Emily Weiland

Director of Operations, Graduate Advisor


Steven Heller
Co-founder, Faculty Advisor