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For anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of branding in an approachable way without poring over dense text or hiring an expensive consultant, Star Brands presents a unique model that offers structured guidance and professional tips for building, managing, and marketing any brand. Created by savvy brand manager Carolina Rogoll, the star brand model is a perfect intersection of solid marketing and management theory with an approachable, visually oriented design. The author teaches step-by-step how to assess a brand's unique challenge, how to define the brand's equity and target, how to craft a solid brand growth strategy, and how to measure success once the brand is in the marketplace. The book includes case studies from famous star brands as well as interviews with top business school professors, advertising agency leaders, and former CEOs. Topics covered include the star brand model; leaders behind star brands; brand assessment and goal setting; defining brand equity; selecting a brand target; insights, benefits, ideas; theory from the best marketing and management resources; marketing strategy; how to build a marketing plan; and much more.


Carolina Rogoll, a faculty member here at the Masters in Branding program, combines her experience building brands at the front lines of a big multinational company with top-notch marketing and management theory. What results is an ideal primer for anyone seeking structured guidance on building a brand for a client, managing a brand, or even starting a brand for oneself.



Why did you decide to write this book?


Throughout my career and my years teaching I’ve always encountered people- whether  they were business people, small business owners or students- all curiously seeking to learn how to building a brand in a more structured way. I wanted to solve this yearning as I believe with structure guidance, anyone can increase their chances of creating branded products/services that establish a stronger connection with people and solve their needs better.  To do so, I embarked on a journey of simplifying the existing brand management theory and make it more actionable with a touch of reality. My concepts made my branding class really popular, thus turning all that work into a book that could reach many others was simply a natural step.



How would you describe what the book is about?


"Star Brands. A Brand Manager's Guide to successfully build, manage and market brands" is a guide from a real practitioner for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of branding in an approachable but structured way.  Inspired by what Star Brands, those that shine above the rest, do best, I developed the Star Brand Model,  an easy to follow 5-step framework to build brands.  In the book I guide you step by step how to assess a brand’s unique challenge, how to define the brand’s equity and target, how to craft a solid brand growth strategy and marketing plan as well as how to measure success once in the marketplace. The book accomplishes a unique intersection between the best of brand management & marketing theories with an  approachable visually oriented design. I wanted this to be a practical book that students and entrepreneurs could use as their own brand building “workbook”.


Who is the target audience?


This book has two key audiences. One is the graduate level students from my Brand Management class at Masters in Branding at SVA. Second, anybody who wants to learn how to successfully build a brand in a very practical way.  Really any new, aspiring and established business trying to break out of the pack and find a unique place in the market can benefit from using Star Brands as a guide.


Why another book on branding?


As business people and marketers, I believe we have the responsibility to create better brands and products that truly fulfill peoples’ most desired needs. To do so we need to understand the theory and follow a disciplined process to building brands that meet the needs of the people we market to. But I suspect that not everybody who wants to build a brand  is able to sign up to do a two-year MBA, navigate a dense text book on their own, or shadow a real brand manager to learn about brand management. Meeting the needs of these readers was my main motivation to create a brand building book that was simple, powerful and approachable. With the overwhelming amount of information and branding out there, simplicity and DIY approaches like the one Star Brand provides has a higher chance of being actually used and make a difference for students and new businesses out there. This is my contribution to all future brand builders.


You can follow Carolina on twitter @crogoll

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